Elsevier’s topcited just launched

Where Thomson scientific has already for quite some years the free website ISIhighlycited, Elsevier has launched today (?) a competitive product called TopCited. Albeit not the same, it is clear that the competition is inspiring both companies to come up with new products in each other niches. The databases are effectively a lure to get reserchers interested in the products behind it. TopCited gives an overview of subject-specific top 20 cited articles in the past 3, 4 or 5 years of publication. The underlying database for the citation data is Scopus of course.
I just discovered it, some quick impressions:

  • A time frame of maximally 5 years is a bit brief. I would love to see a 10 year frame as well.
  • I suspect they have some difficulty of determining the research field of article published in multidisciplinary journals such as Nature and Science. They seem to be lacking from rankings, albeit a glimpsed a few. Too few according to my impression.

Later on I will look at this new site more carefully, and will attempt to make a comparison with the competitive Thomson databases.