Another expansion of journal coverage by Thomson

It was only at the beginning of April that Thomson announced their increased coverage of journals in the social sciences. I should have read the press announcement much more carefully since it clearly states “begins expansion of Web of Science” in the title. A few days ago they added yet another substantial -700- set of journals. This is likely to include those 162 journals announced in April. We don’t know for sure.

Digging a little further on the Thomson Scientific Website I notice they still mention “from approximately 8,500 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world“. I thought WoS already covered some 9000 journals for quite some time already, but that is based on oral communication in presentations by Thomson staff. On checking the Journal Master Lists from Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index and looking at the journal changes over the past 12 months I only count 177 journal changes over all three database parts. These journal changes also include name changes, dropped journals et cetera. We are still left in the dark on which journals have been added.

Dear Thomson Reuters Scientific executives, we want to go out into the faculties of our universities, the departments and laboratories and meet with researchers and tell them this exciting news. However we want to inform our users completely and we need therefore comprehensive lists of the journals that have been added. Is that really too much asked?

So, James Testa finally found his 500 journals.

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Thomson increases journal coverage in the social sciences

Thomson Scientific published a press release yesterday in which they announced a substantial increase of journals in the social sciences indexed in Web of Science.

Track back a little. In the November/December issue of the Searcher Magazine was an interview of Herther with Keith MacGregor and James Testa of Thomson Scientific. The interview closed with the following question:

If, by some chance, next year there were suddenly 500 new journals that met the criteria for acceptance in Web of Science, would you add 500 new journals to the databases?

Testa: Well, this is a hypothetical question, so the hypothetical answer would be yes. If these were journals that met our criteria, we would absolutely add these. I don’t see how we could say no. I’d be surprised to see that happen, but, yes we would certainly accept them.

In the interview Testa indicated that the normal pace of growth for Web of Science is in the order of 100-200 journals per year. The announced 162 regional social science journals which have been added to Web of Science are thus to be considered as part of those hypothetical journals. The newly identified collection contains journals that typically target a regional rather than international audience by approaching subjects from a local perspective or focusing on particular topics of regional interest. They include 49 titles from the Asia-Pacific region and 91 from the European Union.

What’s left on my wishlist is only a complete title list of those journals that have been added. Now we have to guess to the additions. in this respect Thomson behaves like the “Guide de Michelin” you have to figure it out for yourself which restaurants dropped a star or gained one.

Herther, N. K. (2007). Thomson Scientific and the citation indexes : an interview with Keith MacGregor and James Testa. Searcher 15(10): 8-17.