One year

I did not notice until today, but the first anniversary of this blog was on November 13th. There are currently 87 posts and 109 comments which have attracted just over 10,000 unique visitors. Most visitors (2,700) came from the USA follow by 2,500 from the Netherlands. Which surprised me. I would have thought it the other way around. Quite a lot of visitors through my Dutch blog.

Inclusion of this blog in Walt Crawford latest book surprised me, but it feels like an honour. I still should read what he has to say, but ordering by libraries goes a bit slow.

Maintaining two blogs in different langauges took more effort than I thought at the beginning, but it the experiment is a succes in that both blogs have very different voices. Which really like.

Allow me to introduce to you

A fellow Dutch library blogger just started a new library blog in English. Jan Klerk just started a new library blog called “Biebzone beta“. In his daily life Jan is a manager at the Public library in Haarlem. He has build himself a nice reputation over the last couple of years as a thoughtfull library blogger at his other blog Jan Tweepuntnul (2.0 that is).

A quote from his current post illustrates this thoughtfullness perhaps a little:

It’s all about argument and counterargument. It’s about listening carefully and reading and writing carefully. 

I really appreciate his step to present some more of the wheelings and dealings op Dutch public libraries to a larger (international) audience. In this wat the rest of the world can have a closer look at (public) library developments in the Netherlands.

Changes in the world of science blogs

Bora Zivkovic from A Blog around the Clock mentioned that Discover Magazine just started with a collection of top science blogs. For me that post was an incentive to updated my list of science blog portal and aggregators.

Since I think the list is far from complete I thought it wisely to post it here to and see if the comments will lead to some useful suggestions:

The Academic blog portal
A wiki that lists a large collection of academic blogs.

Discover Blogs
Freshly starting collection of science blogs at Discover Magazine. It hosts one of the most popular science blogs Bad astronomy.

Nature Blogs
A collection of blogs run by Nature. A really interesting post on one of the Nature blogs was their investigation of the scientific blogosphere

Nature Network Blogs
A collection of some 80+ blogs run by scientists on the Nature Network.

Postgenomic, also from the Nature Publishing Group, harvests about 800 science blogs -including most blogs from the agregators mentioned on this page- and collects what is hot and what not at the moment. The full list of blogs covered is give at this website.

Research Blogging
A collection of blogposts discussing peer reviewed research

Perhaps the best known collection of science blogs (including most of top science blogs reported by Nature) which has grown to syndicate some 70 science blogs.

Scientific American Community Blogs
Just ceased to exists.

Scientific Blogging
One blog platform hosting many bloggers on various scientific subjects that can be followed with a few feeds per subject.

As you can see I have left out the science blogs at journals such as WIRED ScienceTimeCBCNYT and Correlations, I am looking for larger science blogging communities, aggregators or portals.

Comments op tijdelijk gesloten

With apologies to my English readers.

De posting gaat over mijn Nederlandstalig blog. Wegens een ongekend grote en hevige spam attack op mijn andere domein is het commentaar daar tijdelijk gesloten, en kan ik daar op dit moment ook niet posten. Daarom dit kanaal maar even gebruiken om mijn trouwe lezers op de hoogte te stellen. Via de koppen in de linkerkollom wordt dit wel op die site getoond.

Wat is RSS toch handig…..