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OA logoArticle Processing Charges (APC) of Gold Open Access journals are very often deeply hidden in journal websites. Sometimes they aren’t even stated on the journal website, eg. “For inquiries relating to the publication fee of articles, please contact the editorial office“. The lack of good overviews hinders research into APCs between different publishers and journals. To my knowledge there is only the Eigenfactor APC overview that provides a reasonable amount of information, but is already getting outdated. The DOAJ used to have at least a lost of free journals, but that is currently no longer available, due to the restructuring of DOAJ. For this reason I have made a small start to collect the article processing charges of some major Open Access publishers. I do invite anybody to add more journals from any Open Access publishers. However most interesting are of course the price information of journals listed in Web of Science or Scopus. Please inform others and help to complete this list. Anybody with the link can edit the file.

2014-11-30: Ross Mounce did collect information on journal APC as well in 2012 in his blogpost A visualization of Gold Open Access options
2014-11-30: Added all the “free” OA journals based on the information provided by DOAJ in February 2014, and corrected information where necessary.
2014:11-30: Changed the settings of the file with all the information so anybody can edit.

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  1. The DOAJ “free” information is probably incomplete – for example, it seems to list all the Copernicus journals as free, whereas these are actually a per-page charge. It may be that they give a zero value if the APC is variable.

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