Trends in the science and information world

Tomorrow I have to teach a class for better searching for scientific information on the world wide web. In the introduction I try to highlight the major trends in research and the information landscape. I came up with the two following bullet lists.

Trends in science and research

  • Increased multidisciplinarity
  • Increasing cooperation between scientists
  • Internationalization of research
  • Need for primary data
  • More competition for same grant money

Trends in the information world

  • Increased importance of free web resources
  • From information scarcity to overload
  • After A&I databases, journal currently digitization of books
  • From bibliographic control to fulltext search
  • Open Access & Source
  • Multiformity of resources
  • User in control

I wondered if anybody has some additional suggestions for either one of these lists.

3 thoughts on “Trends in the science and information world”

  1. I would argue that issues like “internationalization of research” and “need for primary data” are not emerging trends, but the recognition that (global) information technology and digital networks might provide a solution is pretty new (“eScience”). In addition to the trends listed under information world: What do you think about “microformats” or “linked data”?

  2. Hi Roddy,

    Yes the list I am using in the course is certainly not comprehensive. But it lists only the best (in my opinion). But thanks for the additions.


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