JCR 2007 releases new impact factors

June is always the time to look out for the newest update of the Journal Citation Reports. Yesterday I checked and they weren’t there yet. Today the JCR was updated and included the 2007 figures.

You can leave it at that. We subscribe to this databases, and it has been updated. That’s all.

For the Journal Citation Reports which is updated only once a year that simple message will not suffice in my opinion. Only Thomson Reuters Scientific doesn’t appear to share my view. JCR is an important database. On the release of the latest figures, armies of researchers want to consult the database to see whether the journal on which editorial board they are has increased its Impact Factor. Or they use it to judge where to submit their next set of articles.

When the Essential Science Indicators are updated, once every two months. The event is accompanied with a slew of information from Thomson. When the even more popular database of JCR is updated we don’t receive any information whatsoever.

We have to find out ourselves that the coverage of journals has been expanded, growing from 6166 in the 2006 JCR Science edition to 6417 in the 2007 edition. For the JCR Social Science edition the number of journals covered increased with 97 journals to a total of 1865 journals. Which journals? We are left to guess for ourselves. Some Spanish journals they have worked out.

Thomson Reuters Scientific knows, but they haven’t told us (yet). Some journals have been dropped from the list. We only have to find out ourselves which ones. The increase in journals this year is only a prelude to the increase which we might expect next year since they have included some 700 new regional journals in Web of Science.

I might be mistaken, but at first sight there must be some interesting news worthy facts in the yearly update of JCR. Worthy of informing at least your subscribing librarians, who can on their turn inform their users. We want to inform our users on these events. We are more than willing to promote your products. Thomson, you can facilitate this work a whole lot better, but you should inform us a whole lot better than this.

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