Linking from Catalog of Wageningen UR Library to Google Books

Previously I announced that we made use of the Google Books API to link to the full text whenever possible. We only experienced two problems with this service. First, the quite frequent Google spam warnings, which have been partially resolved but still keep coming back. Second, we did not have the required OCLC or LCCN numbers for the pre-ISBN books in our catalog.

Thanks to OCLC Nederland this problem has been circumvented successfully as well. OCLC build a service which we feed the PPN (Pica Production Number) , which is available in our catalog and returns the OCLC number. We use that number to feed it into the Google Books API which determines the kind of electronic availability of those books which results in the right link and text on the catalog record. Peter described this in more detail. Just another Hooray for OCLC, since the service is now working.

A few examples are:

Even when the full text is not available on Google Books, the service can be usefull. In the following example of Hogg, R. (1884) The fruit manual, the electronic version of the 1860 edition is available on Google Books rather than the 1884 edition we have in our collection.

It took actually quite some effort to find these examples. Perhaps an indication of our unique collection?

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