Thomson launches ScienceWatch

One of the lesser known citation database from Thomson Scientific is the Essential Science Indicators. It is one of the databases that has actually some of the most interesting material since it contains analyses of the WoS data over the past ten years. Since it is a bit of an odd database, there is quite a lot of support material around it. Those websites however had a look and feel of the twentieth century (have a look, before it is too late, at In-cites or ESI-topics and you will probably agree).

However, they have updated the site, and a completely overhauled the looks, resulting in a brand new ScienceWatch. It looks much better, cleaner, fresher, and appears to be better organized. However, for the most important page for my day to day work, the journal list, they still use the old journal list at In-Cites.

If they are about to redesign the list, I only have a few simple requests for Thomson. Please do include ISSN numbers in this list, and secondly match the journal abbreviations with those in Web of Science. The last one seems only too logical, bu it wasn’t the practice up till now. At the same time I do realize that this request means a major overhaul of the ESI database as well. Perhaps that is about time. After the new Web of Knowledge this interesting database can’t be left behind. But please, please, please, do keep the file as a single dowloadable table, that works real fine. Much better than the current master journal lists.

With this new site I have to update my RSS feeds as well! A bit odd.