SJR : Scimago Journal & Country Rank

Sometimes you find these real gems. WoW, fantastic.

This evening I had this exciting feeling when I saw SJR for the first time. Tipped of by Recherchen Blog I stumbled upon Scimago. A database that provides a plethora of bibliometric indicators for journals and research performance at a country level. They have developed their own Pagerank (from Google) type of indicator for journal ranking called SJR indicator. But the data they provide is much more than only this indicator. Articles, citations and citations per article are provided as well.

This database is based on data provided by Scopus, which covers a much larger dataset than Journal Citation Reports or the Essential Science Indicators from Thomson Scientific. Very interesting to observe that SJR is freely available on the Web. This is a new development in the competition that is taking place between the two publishing giants Elsevier and Thomson.

The information contained in SJR is so overwhelming that it will take some time before I fully comprehend the possibilities of this database. To understand the new indicators and to make comparisons with the old established databases. The systems provides really nice graphics for journal data as well. The makers of SJR are really serious about their research, they recently published a study in Scientometrics some of their analyses with this database -on my pile of stuff to read-.

Noted some mention of SJR at Sidi and DigitalKoans as well. In the Spanish blogosphere the rumour has been spreading for some time already.

This database will certainly be covered in more detail at a later date.

Moya-Anegón, F. d., Z. Chinchilla-Rodríguez, B. Vargas-Quesada, E. Corera-Álvarez, F. J. Muñoz-Fernández, A. González-Molina & V. Herrero-Solana (2007). Coverage analysis of Scopus: A journal metric approach. Scientometrics 73(1): 53-78.

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