First issue of a new library journal

The first issue of the Code4Lib Journal is online. It is an very interesting Open Acces Journal. I first noted it at Ken Varnum’s RSS4Lib blog. Ken is on the editorial board of this journal. Don’t think it is a journal for techies only, even I as a none programmer found plenty interesting stuff to read in the inaugural issue, like beyond OPAC 2.0, on the future of the library catalog system. It is exactly one of those articles that fully addresses the focal point of their mission statement: “the intersection of libraries, technology, and the future.” If they adhere to that statement, I am sold.
The articles in this first issue of Code4Lib Journal (C4LJ) are:

Scopus is adding institute disambiguation

Today it was announced that institute disambiguation, or the affiliation identifier, will become functional in Scopus early January 2008.  At this promotional site it is demonstrated what a search for the University of Liverpool returns in options of selection the right University of Liverpool and whether or not you want to include the teaching hospitals in a subsequent search as well.

Web of Science already included a refine option with an affiliation option amongst others, but they way the results are presented for Scopus shows that Elsevier has taken a different approach to solving this problem.

It will be interesting to test both approaches in more detail when the Scopus tool is officially launched.

Citation analysis for research evaluation

Tomorrow, I am about to give a course on citation analysis for research evaluation. This powerpoint is the mainstay for the morning, but the course is open to any suggestions. It differs only in little details from the course given at the start of this year. The most exciting change came from Scimago, which I only discovered yesterday but has already been included in the exercises.

Scopus is speeding up it’s indexing

I knew it was coming, today I noted it for the first time that Scopus is already indexing and alerting ‘articles in press’ (or any of its variations such as ‘online first’). In one of my regular alerts I got this article from Henk Moed:

Moed, H.F. (2007) UK Research Assessment Exercises: Informed judgments on research quality or quantity? Scientometrics, pp. 1-9. Article in Press