Dutch universities in the Thes university rankings 2007

The Thes university rankings 2007 are now officially released. The ranking of Dutch universities is as follows with the overall rank in the THES top 200 and the previous ranking between brackets :

  1. University of Amsterdam 48(69)
  2. Delft 63(86)
  3. Leiden 84 (90)
  4. Utrecht 89(95)
  5. Maasstricht 111(172)
  6. Eindhoven 130(67)
  7. Wageningen 148(97)
  8. Erasmus 163(92)
  9. Groningen 173(232)
  10. Twente 185(115)
  11. Radboud 195(137)

All in all 11 out of 13 regular Dutch universities are enlisted in the top 200. In the case of the missing Free University I really wonder to what extend there might be a mix up of the two universities based in Amsterdam. For Tilburg it is rather unfortunate that they didn’t make it to the list but since Tilburg is mainly a humaniora and social sciences university it can be explained. As soon as I get more details, I will post more.

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