Dutch universities fall in the THES University rankings 2007

The first results of the THES universities rankings 2007 are already published on the Web, despite the embargo untill Friday. The change in methodology has quite a dramatic effect for the Dutch universities. Did we have an impressive 7 universities in the top 100 last year, in the 2007 edition only 4 remain in the top 100. Thee poll position of Dutch universities is taken over by UvA at 48 (up from 69), followed by Delft at 63 (up from 86), Leiden at 84 ( up from 90) and Utrecht at 89 (up from 89). The universities of Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Wageningen dropped out the top 100 from this league table.

It is too early to say what the exact cause of all these changes, then we should have a look at all parameters underlying this ranking. For that we have to await the official publication.

hattip: University Ranking Watch who has three stories on the new rankings, English and Canadian universities are doing exceptionally well according to URW